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“Starting October 1, a portion of the profit proceeds of these beauty products will go to breast cancer screening, treatment, and research.”- “20 Charitable Beauty Buys for Breast Cancer Awareness Month”, Oct. 2016 

“Like a new car, this brush’s black-and-chrome body is sleek and inscribed with its make and model. Its bristles are a mix of soft synthetic fibers that are densely packed and cut straight across so the top is completely flat.” – “F80 Flat Kabuki Brush Review”, Oct. 2016

“A perfect combination of brown and mauve, this nude hue gives lips depth and dimension rather than draining the life from them (which so many nude shades do)” – “BareMinerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Notorious Review”, Oct. 2016

“This opaque bold is reminiscent of a garden of bougainvilleas, reading cooler and more purple than your typical raspberry fuchsia.” – Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

“The palette contains four different matte creams—a trio of bronzes (taupe, fawn, and caramel) and one yellow-beige hue for brightening—that each feel like melted chocolate as you swipe them across your skin.” – “e.l.f. Cream Contour Palette Review”, Oct. 2016

“Those of us with eczema keep mental notes of things we can’t use for fear of flare-ups (fragranced laundry detergent, antibacterial dish soap, the sugar-cookie-scented bubble bath we get every holiday season), and we take solace in knowing that this body wash is not on that list.” – “Skinfix Soothing Wash Review”, Oct. 2016″

“In a nutshell, like no other object (and certainly no other hair-dryer) you’ve ever seen. It has a hole that runs from the back of its body all the way through to its magnetic face (which easily connects to one of two nozzles or the diffuser).” – “Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review”, Oct. 2016

“Color-treated hair needs coddling, especially if it’s subjected to daily blow-drying, flatironing, or curling.” – “Color & Heat Conqueror Conditioner Review”, Oct. 2016

“This shampoo is ultra moisturizing; you can tell from the rich lather it creates, and by how your hair feels immediately silkier the minute you rinse it out.” – “Color & Heat Conqueror Shampoo Review”, Oct. 2016

“It packs a punch without being (or smelling) aggressive.” – “Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Clarifying Scalp Treatment Review”, Oct. 2016

“Beige eye shadow isn’t something people normally get excited about. It’s kind of like a nude bra—a utilitarian piece you know you need in your wardrobe but don’t necessarily want to show off.” – “Lid Pop in Cream Pop Review”, Oct. 2016.

“Trying to find a foundation that actually matches your skin tone is up there on the frustration meter with flight delays, traffic jams, and the impossible feat of trying to keep a bouquet of roses alive.” – “Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Makeup Review”, Oct. 2016

“We all have that one blush that was either too bright, too pink, or just not right for our skin tone, whether it lives in our vanities, the bottom of our drawers, or the Caboodle cases we took to college (just me?).” – Backstage at Creatures of the Wind, We Learned a New Trick for Our Old Blush”, Sept. 2016

“From their humble beginnings of posting daily Instagram photos of themselves in their own swimsuits to the creation of Monday Swimwear, a complete beachwear collection of tropical shades reminiscent of a vacation in Tulum, Oakley and Brugman have become true beach beauty and fashion inspirations.” – “Tash and Dev Offer 7 Ways to Style Your Swimwear”, Sept. 2016

“With Zeichner’s help, we broke down the following sunscreen serums’ skin benefits” – “Everything You Need To Know About Sunscreen Serums”, June 2016

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“A demanding day of work, class and other responsibilities may have you running to the nearest coffee shop or supermarket for an energy boost. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and energy drinks can help you get through your day; but how do you distinguish between these caffeinated sources being merely a boost for the day or a necessity?” – “Do You Have a Caffeine Addiction?” The Daily Quirk, Dec. 2013

“Before digital cameras and our beloved Instagram, memories were captured in analog instant photography.” – “The Impossible Project: Keeping the art of instant photos alive!” The Daily Quirk, Nov. 2013

“Cosmetics can be a fun outlet of expression, a way to unwind and a part of your daily routine. But what if, with a stroke of a mascara brush or the indulgence of your brand new lipstick, you could make a difference” – “Cosmetic Brands that Give Back!” The Daily Quirk, Nov. 2013

“With a non-stop schedule of classes, meetings with various organizations, studying and fun with friends, maintaining a healthy, balanced, diet in a college setting becomes difficult. Believe it or not, it’s actually not impossible to eat well” – “Tips for Eating Healthy on a Busy College Schedule” The Daily Quirk, Oct. 2013

“Does laughing it out help you when you’re stressed out? It sure does! – “5 Ways to Manage Your Everyday Stress Levels” The Daily Quirk, Oct. 2013

“Another day, another opportunity to make a difference in the world!” – “Revolution in Routine: Make a Difference With Your Daily Activities” The Daily Quirk, Sept. 2013

“It’s been spotted in the hands of the hottest celebs, in gym refrigerators next to your favorite sports drink, and even in Dr. Oz’s “Fountain of Youth Shake” recipe as a key ingredient. What is coconut water; and is it safe to dub it the ultimate health and/or sports drink?” – “Coconut Water: The Ultimate Health Drink?” The Daily Quirk, Sept. 2013

“You’ve gotten the interview, but you’re not out of the woods just yet! Being given the opportunity to interview for a job can be both exciting and extremely intimidating.” – “Your First Time… Going on a Job Interview?” The Daily Quirk, Aug. 2013

“T-shirts, glow-sticks, jewelry, binkies- the glowing gear is too good to pass up!” – “Fluorescent Fun Runs: Get Going and Get Glowing!” The Daily Quirk, Aug. 2013

The Daily Targum

“Sun-kissed or sun-slapped? Applying sunscreen can keep you from getting scorched by the sun’s damaging rays; but are you picking out the sunscreen that will provide the best protection?” – “What you need to know about Sunscreen Labels!” The Daily Quirk, July 2013

“Marc Jacobs’ long-anticipated cosmetics line is finally set to release in fall 2013.” – “Marc Jacobs Cosmetics” The Daily Targum, Feb. 2013

“The ladies also lined up along the floor of the runway, happily doing sit-ups and planks.” – “Betsey Johnson’s Comeback” The Daily Targum, Feb. 2013